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By accessing or Totem Yoga on YouTube or Patreon or by participating in yoga or other video activities you represent that you understand physical exercise can involve strenuous physical movement that carries the risk of injury, physical or mental. By continuing to access this content you represent that a) you are medically fit to participate, b) you understand the risks involved in Yoga or other exercise formats, c) you understand all advice given is general only, and d) you agree that the creators and owners of Totem Yoga are not responsible or liable for any injuries or damages experienced as a result of said content's use.  

Totem Yoga as a whole is Copyright © by Totem Yoga (Australia), all rights reserved. Content published by Totem Yoga is for personal use only and may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, downloaded, displayed or transmitted without express written consent from Totem Yoga (Australia).

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