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Get To Know Us


The Totem Tribe

We’re Tim and Dean. We started Totem Yoga back in 2015 as a way to share the magic of nature on the mat. We practice a mixed style of yoga, inspired by totems, that’s all about helping people find their path through yoga [and life] and connect to their nature. Our passion for yoga has seen us both study and teach around the world, and we bring that passion and all those experiences with us to each class. We've both had a deep connection to the idea of totems for many moons, so instilling it in our yoga practice just makes sense.


Class Style

Our classes are all-levels. We think it’s important to offer options so you can choose to take things up or down a notch as you need. We teach a blend of styles from traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa to modern Vikasa yoga, and practice other movement modalities including Qigong and Aerial Yoga.

Instructor Bios:

Tim Henworth

Tim is the Creator and Co-founder of Totem Yoga. He is a Vikasa yoga and Flow yoga (Vinyasa) instructor as well as a Qigong instructor.  Tim’s unique style of yoga inspired by the wild world around us takes a focus on a fluid practice: building strength, creating flexibility, encouraging play, all while learning to float.


"Totem yoga came about from my strong connection to nature. The style incorporates natural, primal movements to create a physically meditative practice."


Tim has worked in the world of fitness for over 15 years and has taught workshops and hosted retreats across Australia and internationally. Tim says that Qigong and Yoga together bring balance to his body, breath and spirit.


Dean Fox

Dean is a co-founder at Totem Yoga. He loves to teach naturally inspired flows that reflect a deep understanding of yoga and the body, drawing on many years’ experience on the mat and BSc(Hons) in Biology. 

​Dean is an Advanced Yoga instructor (500+RYT) certified in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Flow yoga (Vinyasa), Aerial yoga, and Myofascial massage (Roll Model Method®). He also runs Totem’s sound baths.

​Dean became focused on yoga in his early twenties as part of injury recovering but soon dove headfirst into the practice. Studying classical yoga, modern yoga, and science has allowed him to create a practice in which students are free to honor their own nature. On the mat or in the silk, Dean’s classes are fun, inclusive and ‘body-smart’. 

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